PIDS - Power Intrusion Detection System

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Description:   PIDS is a program developed in PHP4, using the Snort IDS, PIDS gerenate reports in REAL-Time from attacks to hosts monitored with Snort. The interface of the PIDS is very easy and small, providing access to logs saved in MySQL database.

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PTY Intrusion Detection PSeudo terminal Intrusion Detection System.The kernel part plugs into terminal processing subsystem and logs hashed terminal lines.The user part reads these, consults a list of allowed entries, and takes appropriate action upon unexpected lines.

PacketCop PacketCop is a Network Intrusion Detection System, based on libpcap. It captures live packets from the wire and searches for known attack signatures. It support a simple rule based language, as well as plugins for very complex attack signatures.

Vultus Vultus is a simple type of intrusion detection system (IDS) that detects port scans. It will detect these types of port scans: Null, Xmas, UDP, ICMP, and Half-Open.

nabou NABOU is an advanced host intrusion detection system. Beside filesystem integrity it also is able to monitor processes, ip-ports, useraccounts and so on. It is highly configurable, it is possible to extend its core functionality using perl scriptlets. NAB

secwatch IDS Secwatch is an intrusion detection system using log analysis to detect service scan and other brute-force attempts on a server or other computer using system logs and will create temporary firewall rules to block offending IPs

snortsnarf SnortSnarf is a script to take alerts from the Snort Intrusion Detection System , and produce HTML output. This script can be run at regular intervals to produce a convenient HTML breakout of all the alerts.

widsard IDS wIDSard is an host based Intrusion Detection System.It intercepts syscalls made by the process to monitor at user levelby the ptrace mechanism. It can detect not only single system calls, but evensequences, ripetition, negation ecc.

Argus Network Intrusion Detection System Argus NIDS is a small, fast, and easily expandable network intrusion detection systems designed with small to moderate sized networks in mind. User defined rules make this system highly custumizable and powerful.

Bro Intrusion Detection (IDS) Tools A set of tools, many written in C, to deal with BRO ( and its working environment.

Brutus-IDS Simple Intrusion Detection System which monitors failed access (SSH and Dovecot) attempts. If hack attempt is detected above the configurable threshold level then a number of actions are taken to block the IP and alert administrators of the attempts.

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